Daydream in Shinjuku




in Shinjuku


If you want to find a little peace in downtown Shinjuku, Shinjuku Gyoen is the place to be on a sunny day. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden located in the south of Shinjuku covers 58.7 hectares. From the end of March to April, the garden is a very popular cherry blossom viewing spot with more than 1,500 cherry blossom trees in the garden. It has three areas, including a Japanese traditional garden area, formal French and English landscape where you can take a walk. Shinjuku Gyoen is loved by locals and tourists as an oasis in the big city.



Kinokuniya book store in Takashimaya Times Square, located a five-minute walk from the south exit of JR Shinjuku Station, has the biggest foreign book selection in Tokyo. The 6th floor is especially for foreign publications, where you can find wide range of books, magazine and Japanese comics translated into English.



Isetan department store was established in 1886, making it the oldest department store in Shinjuku. It has three buildings with a huge selection of international and domestic brands. Isetan is known as an icon in Shinjuku for lovers of shopping.



Kagurazaka, which literally means “sacred music slope”, is an ideal area to discover a traditional Japanese atmosphere in Shinjuku. The area used to be Japan’s premier pleasure district before World War II, with many geisha houses. Even now the area is redolent of old Japan with traditional houses and temples. There are also great restaurants and many interesting shops.