A Picturesque Ski Resort Amongst the Japanese Alps


Set amidst the grand Japanese Alps and home to numerous skiing areas is Hakuba, one of the greatest ski resorts in the country. Hakuba is an area well known to Australians, and offers many options for accommodation catering to overseas visitors. Both the largest skiing area in Hakuba and one of the most popular areas is the Hakuba Happo-one Winter Resort. There are 23 lifts, and the skiing slopes up to 8,000m in length are an impressive sight. Skiing down the course from start to finish is an amazing experience than only Hakuba can offer. Moreover, the skiing slopes boast some of the most advanced courses in the country, making them popular amongst more experienced skiers. It is this reason that made the area a main location for a variety of competitions during the Nagano Winter Olympics, and near the slopes is a jump site where Olympic jumping competitions were held, and you can venture right up to the starting line.
There are many other attractive skiing areas to be found in Hakuba as well, such as the Iwatake Snow Field, unrivaled in its spectacular views. While one of the big draws to Hakuba is the beautiful view over the Japanese Alps that it commands, another scenic highlight is the unique landscape of Iwatake, the sole lone peak in the Hakuba area. Skiing along these wonderful courses, accompanied by a breathtaking view, is an unforgettable experience. Another skiing area popular amongst freestyle skiers and snowboarders who favor slope-style and park skiing is Hakuba47. Courses with a variety of
trick spots await, and the non-compacted snow zones are a must-see. The Hakuba47 skiing area is also connected with the Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort, allowing you to enjoy two areas at once.