A ski paradise with the best powder snow in the world

Hokkaido is located at the Northern end of the Japanese archipelago. Geographically, it is an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Japan Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Hokkaido is famous for its variety of landscapes and scenery, including vast marshes, sweeping grasslands and beautiful lakes among the magnificent mountains. The weather in Hokkaido is generally cool and has the low humidity of a micro-thermal winter climate. It is also well-known as a comfortable area to be. Winter days are typically accompanied by heavy snowfall, which creates an abundance of ski grounds on the mountainsides. The Winter Olympics were held nearby in Sapporo in 1972, which is the capital of Hokkaido.

Niseko is a popular area among Australian skiers and snowboarders thanks to its exceptional soft powder snow, which makes it highly enjoyable to plow through. Recently, other areas in central Hokkaido are being explored by skiers for their excellent quality pistes. The region currently remains an open secret among international winter sports enthusiasts, which have dubbed it the “Powder Belt.”