OMOSHIROI BLOCK – Flip through to reveal the beautiful creations


Flip through to reveal the beautiful creations


Garnering attention around the world as a top ten trending topic in the United States, given coverage on the Euro News, and various other outlets, is a piece of Japanese stationery that received the Grand Award with Special Mention at the 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards – the OMOSHIROI BLOCK memo pad.

TRIAD Inc. is the Japanese design company behind these memo pads created under the premise of “building on moments to carve out memories” and “continuing your journeys from on top of your desk”. This “memory x moment x sculpture” concept is brought to life by making memo pads with delicate craftsmanship using pieces of high-quality paper. What make these memo pads so unique is the sight of a detailed piece of art being uncovered every time you take a piece of paper from the block. Once you have completely used the block, the masterpiece revealed will either be a beautiful piece of architecture or a typically Japanese design as selected by the company’s designers.

As we walk you through the various OMOSHIROI BLOCK designs, you will see that they can be customised to suit your needs, much like the pieces created in collaboration with local governments. The company is looking forward to working with various international companies and governments, so if you’re thinking about getting some regional branding or tourism promotion done then feel free to drop them a line. For those curious, the word “OMOSHIROI” in Japanese means “interesting” or “fun”, which makes it the perfect name for a memo pad that offers endless fun for everyone.

Have a look at the following creations to get a sense of the types of OMOSHIROI BLOCKS available.


Tokyo Tower

A famous symbol of Tokyo – Tokyo Tower. This tower was once known as a radio tower, but it no longer serves this purpose after the construction of Tokyo Sky Tree. It is now a popular tourist facility visited by many.



Asakusa is a local town of Tokyo that is considered a must-go by international visitors. The Kaminarimon serves as the entry to Asakusa temple and is a symbolic landmark of the locale. A closer look at the final product will reveal just how detailed the creation is.



Takoyaki, octopus balls that can be eaten at food stalls and are quite popular in Australia, happen to be the soul food of Osaka. There are many famous and wellknown takoyaki establishments in Osaka, so make sure you drop by one if you find yourself there.



One of OMOSHIROI BLOCKS’ most iconic creations. This piece is based on the most renowned and visited temple in Kyoto – Kiyomizudera. You can tell just how accurate and detailed this BLOCK is when compared to the actual temple.

Clay figurine with clasping hands


This new creation is a particularly unique one made in collaboration with Aomori prefecture in the northern-most region of Honshu (the main island of Japan). The clay figurine was found in the city of Hachinohe, Aomori and is estimated to be 3,500 years old (late Jomon period). It was recognised as a national treasure in 2009. It appears to be sitting down with its hands clasped in its lap in prayer, hence the name “praying clay figurine”. Other than the ruins where the clay figurine was found, Hachinohe is also home to various other places such as the Sanriku Fukko National Park, where visitors can spot approximately 600 different species of plants (spring to autumn), as well as the beautiful sight of the grass in the park in collaboration with the Tanesashi coast. Drop by Hachinohe for a visit and have a profound moment with the ancient ruins.

The collaboration between the grass and the Tanesashi coast in Hachinohe is unforgettable.