Diving in Okinawa An experience unlike any other



An experience unlike any other

Okinawa’s temperate climate allows visitors to enjoy the great outdoors throughout the year, with temperatures never dropping below 15 to 20 degrees. The water temperature never falls below 20 degrees, providing the perfect environment for enjoying diving amongst the brilliantly colourful and mysterious underwater world of the coral reefs.



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Beautiful coral reefs

Okinawa is host to countless diving spots. Diving shops are in abundance and you are sure to find a diving tour to suit your

Our first stop is the Kerama Islands, renowned worldwide for their crystalclear waters called kerama blue. Kerama Islands are a group of islands formed by over 20 independent landmasses which can be reached in one hour by boat from Okinawa’s capital city of Naha. Many of these islands are uninhabited and boast unspoiled natural beauty. The waters around Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island and Aka Island are popular diving spots, with beautiful coral reefs and sightings of sea snakes, manta rays, and even humpback whales from December to April each year.

Kabira Bay on scenic Ishigaki Island has been awarded three stars by the Michelin Green Guide Japan and is famous for its nearby viewing spots for manta rays.

Visitors are almost assured of an encounter with these majestic creatures during the summer months from April to September, with the largest manta rays growing up to 5m in size.

Next on our tour is Yonaguni Island, the westernmost point of Japan. Yonaguni Island is the site of the famous Iseki Point diving spot, which is said to have been formed when geographical formations above sea level sank beneath the waves 2000 to 8000 years ago. During the winter months, visitors can see schools of hammerhead sharks swimming in the waters.

A particular recommendation for advanced divers in the north of Okinawa’s island chain is the chance to go diving at a shipwreck site. The remains of the USS Emmons, a ship which was sunk during WWII, now lie beneath the waves at a depth of 40m. Irabu Island and Shimoji Island near to Miyako Island also offer an excellent spot for exploring underwater caverns.

The treasures of the seas around Okinawa are sure to please both beginner and advanced alike, and there is nothing quite like the experience of immersing yourself in the incredible world of the Okinawan blue.