Japan’s Largest and Grandest Skiing Area


A range of skiing areas of various sizes stretching out from 1,340m to 2,307m above sea level, connected by 52 lifts, gondolas, and shuttle buses, combine to form a single
functional resort – Shiga Kogen. It is so big that you could spend all day out on the slopes from sunrise to sunset and still not see everything that the area has to offer. And while some of the skiing areas are managed independently, most visitors see it as a single immense skiing area, effectively making it the largest in Japan. The courses of Shiga Kogen spread out over the slopes, covering a unique variety of geographic features, with its appearance changing greatly depending on the angle of the sun. These elements come together to bring about a surprising degree of change in the features of each course. With areas that are perfect for families and challenging courses for the more advanced, as well as areas with powder snow, Shiga Kogen offers a variety unlike any other
skiing area. Being able to offer such a wide range of different views is something that only Shiga Kogen can provide, making it a must-see for all lovers of skiing.
That’s not all, however. As the area’s designation as a national park suggests, the natural surroundings here are breathtakingly beautiful and abounds in natural wildlife. The area is frequented by many cute ermines of the weasel family, and antelope also make an occasional appearance. Monkeys are frequent visitors to the area as well, but take care with your hotel windows. The monkeys have grown quite accustomed to human contact and sometimes find their way into hotel rooms, taking snacks and drinks. Be on the lookout for these mischievous locals.