Shinjuku Adventure Day & Night


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Shinjuku Adventure

Day & Night


Shinjuku, located west of Tokyo, is known as the world’s busiest train station and is recognised as such in the Guiness Book of Records. More than two million people use Shinjuku Station to commute every day.

Shinjuku is divided into three areas. The west area of Shinjuku is a business district full of skyscrapers. The south area has a variety of shopping complexes, including the huge 14-storey Takashimaya Times Square shopping mall. And the east area is an amazing entertainment district full of restaurants, bars and clubs for an exciting night life.

Shinjuku offers not only bustling urban areas, but also historical temples and beautiful parks. It is a place that can satisfy all the expectations of Tokyo of any visitor to Japan.

Words: Tetsuo Nakahara