【Food】Enjoy Authentic Sushi


Today, sushi is widely available outside of Japan. In Australia, sushi has become more and more prevalent, with increasing num- bers of Japanese-style restaurants opening here. So it’s the perfect time to introduce you to a delicious way to eat nigirizushi, in which the topping is placed on a ball of rice shaped by hand.

There are no hard and fast rules for eating sushi. Both chopsticks and fingers are ac- ceptable. People who don’t want to get sticky fingers should use chopsticks, otherwise it’s quite acceptable to eat sushi with your hands.

Sushi tastes best when dipped into a small saucer of soy sauce to which you can add wasabi for extra zing. Obviously this depends on personal taste, however, you should be careful about how much wasabi you add to the soy sauce, as there is already wasabi on the sushi itself. Also, when dipping the sushi in the soy sauce, take care not to overdo it. There’s no point getting so much soy sauce that it cancels out the delicate taste of the – sushi. Soaking the rice with too much soy sauce can also cause the sushi to fall apart before you can eat it. Flipping the nigirizushi over so that you get just enough soy sauce on the topping, but not on the rice, is the most delicious way to eat sushi.

Incidentally, soy sauce is not necessary with certain types of sushi, such as unagi eel, that is pre-seasoned with a special sauce. It’s already served with just the right amount of flavouring.

As a rule of thumb, start with subtly flavoured sushi and finish with stronger flavoured pieces, to avoid overpowering the subtleties of the milder sushi. On the other hand, if after eating something oily such as toro, the fatty part of the bluefin tuna, you would like something lighter like a white- meat fish, then nibble on some pickled gin- ger. Pickled ginger is not just for decoration, it’s there to refresh your palate.