The essence of Japanese tradition and aesthetics, distilled into a colourful, sweet confection that sits in the palm of your hand. Made from seasonal ingredients, and with designs that mirror the natural imagery of the season, wagashi is an edible reminder of simpler times, when life was tightly entwined with natural rhythms. In this feature, we look at the various types of wagashi, their significance, and how you can experience them for yourself while in Japan.



Exuberant, visually stunning, and filled with cultural significance, Japanese matsuri are not to be missed. Whether you are hoping to experience the nostalgia of simple shrine festivals, or a massive multi- day extravaganza of parades, this feature is your guide to planning and preparing for a safe and enjoyable matsuri experience.



In Japan, the fashion found in the back streets of suburbia trickle upward to have a very real impact on the glitzy runways. Here, the divide between high fashion and street fashion is blurred, and styles evolve seemingly overnight. Come with us on a journey through the streets of Tokyo, as we explore a potpourri of fashion subcultures, and the cult-status niche brands that the fashionistas of Japan are going crazy over.



With high-flying international ties, a vibrant local creative scene, and plenty of tradition to draw on for inspiration, it’s little wonder that Tokyo is fast becoming a world-class art destination. This art is not just relegated to exclusive, large galleries ? it is in fact surprisingly accessible, if you know where to look. This feature highlights some of the art gems that can be found around Tokyo.


Rediscovering Japan

Step outside of the metropolitan areas of Japan and you will find abundant natural beauty. In this feature, we explore an island filled with art, and find surprising links between Kyoto and surfing, Okayama and the Mediterranean, and Nagoya and Italy.



With thousands of years of wellness tradition, accompanied by a culture of hospitality and a philosophy espousing co- existence with nature, Japan is the perfect retreat for the world-weary. In this piece, we take a look at the oases of wellbeing on offer, whether you are seeking a good, restorative sleep, improved metabolism, holistic dental care, or the simple joys of a tea ceremony in a pristine environment.