A ski paradise with the best powder snow in the world


Four world class resorts in one

Niseko United is the name given to the collection of four ski resorts located on the Niseko Annupuri mountain, which stands 1,308m above sea level, and which forms the eastern-most part of the Niseko Volcanic Group.
A special location amongst the vast wilderness of Hokkaido, Niseko Annupuri offers a stunning view of Mt. Youtei, the main peak of Niseko. Seasonal winds from the Eurasian continent pass over the Sea of Japan, drawing up high levels of moisture that in turn brings theperfect powder snow to the region throughout the winter months.
The majestic outline of the Niseko Annupuri mountainside and the beautiful winter forests offer an unforgettable skiing experience for both beginner and expert skiers alike.
The skiing areas running from east to west on the south side of the Niseko Annupuri mountains are the Niseko Hanazono Ski Resort, the Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort, Niseko Village Ski Resort, and the Niseko Annupuri Ski Area.
Niseko is the most well known of Japan’s skiing areas amongst skiing enthusiasts, and is visited by over 20,000 visitors from Australia each year. The story began in the 1980’s when Australians who visited the area spread the word about the allure of Niseko, leading to a steady increase in visitors from Australia with each passing year. Today, there are numerous luxury condominiums that Australians have developed and invested in, and the town is almost like an Australian village where families can enjoy extended stays.


Niseko Hanazono Ski Resort

A snow resort with everything from powder snow to a park area. Many attractions are on offer, from various trails and Hokkaido’s largest park area to half pipes. The Strawberry Fields ski run is known for its unique geographical formation, and the Hanazono 308 facility is perfect for relaxing after skiing.

Information: http://hanazononiseko.com

Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort

The largest of the four skiing areas in the region, the Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort offers not only the latest facilities, but superb powder snow, accommodation ranging from hotels to condominiums, hot springs, restaurants, and more amongst the foothills of the mountains.

Information: http://www.grand-hirafu.jp

Niseko Grand Village Ski Resort

Here, the forested slopes directly connected to two resort hotels offer a skiing course through virgin forest, making for the perfect resort space. Take in some of the leading powder cruising in the country! A snow school, various activities, and programs aimed at children are also on offer.

Information: http://www.niseko-village.com

Niseko Annupuri Ski Area

Enjoy some of the best powder snow on wide skiing courses that only Annupuri can boast, along with carefully planned groomed runs. The surrounds are home to many interesting hot springs, and the area is the perfect spot to enjoy one of the great draws of winter – open-air hot spring bathing.

Information: http://annupuri.info




Three world-class resorts in one

Niseko is a winter wonderland composed of 38 Gondolas connected by 61 pistes with 15 metres of powder snow brought by Northwest winds straight from Siberia. These resorts are linked by ski lifts and shuttle buses via a single pass, making it a prized location for international skiers, including 10,000 Australian skiers last year. This area has a unique international and Japanese feel, with lodgings
and other facilities catering for tourists, including luxury apartments and services available in English.

The Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort is geared for all the needs of overseas skiers, including equipment rental, convenience stores and a pub, as well as ski lessons and tours in English.

The Niseko Village Ski Resort is a luxurious four season resort with sweeping panoramas of the dormant volcano, Mount Yotei.

The various slopes even have memorable names such as “Cruiser” and “Pure Magic” attached to them.

Niseko An’nupuri, which includes the smaller ski area of Hanazono, has 13 mostly wide runs aimed at beginners, and is open from December until May.


Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort

Number of lifts (Incl. gondolas): 16
Number of runs: 30
Longest run: 5600m
Maximum elevation: 1200m
Steepest slope: 40 degrees
Terrain: Beginner 30%, Intermediate 38%, Advanced 32% Night skiing: Yes, until 20:30
Season: Late November until early May
Other: Park facilities include waves, banks and rails.

Niseko Village Ski Resort

Number of lifts (Incl. gondolas): 7
Number of runs: 27
Longest run: 5000m
Maximum elevation: 1029m
Steepest slope: 35 degrees
Terrain: Beginner 36%, Intermediate 32%, Advanced 32%
Night skiing: Yes, until 21:00
Season: Late November until early May
Other: Park facilities include tables, kickers and rails.

Niseko An’nupuri Ski Resort

Number of lifts (Incl. gondolas): 6
Number of runs: 13
Longest run: 4000m
Maximum elevation: 1156m
Steepest slope: 34 degrees
Terrain: Beginner 30%, Intermediate 40%, Advanced 30%
Night skiing: Yes, until 21:00
Season: Early December until early May
Other: Park facilities include snow tubing.