Yokohama represents the essence of a Japanese port city. Located along the seaside, “Minato Mirai” is a beautiful and modern area, which is a popular spot for both domestic and international tourists. However, for those really want to enjoy the night life, in contrast to Minato Mirai, it’s recommended to spend some time in Yoshida-machi in Shitamachi.

Yoshida machi is well known both in Yokohama and throughout Japan for its dense collection of bars. It is by no means a big area, but it houses a collection of drinking establishments filled with lots of character. You might hear the laughter of a drunk person drifting out of one of the bars and if you open the door, you could easily immerse yourself in the rich night life of the area before having a meal.

Perhaps start your exploration of the area with a visit to Toraya, a long-standing Japanese restaurant in Yokohama market which has the best selection of seafood to choose from in the area. Filling your stomach with fresh sashimi and crispy tempura fried in sesame oil makes for a great way to kick off the night. The restaurant has many regular patrons, but is also very hospitable to tourists.

With a full belly, it’s now time to get ready to drink. If it’s still early in the evening and you’d like to relax, how about trying the craft beer bar – BAY BREWING? The rich flavours of their original recipe pilsner beers have little bitterness and go down a treat. If you’re still thirsty for more beer, nearby is Antenna America, which always has at least 10 different types of American craft beer on tap.

If you then want to push on and get a little bit tipsy, Japanese sake is your best bet. Wadachi is a sake bar with a sommelier who will listen to the kind of flavors and scents that suit your palate then suggest the perfect drop to match. The owner is known for being both warm and polite and it’s the kind of place where you can stop by to learn about the history, culture and background of sake and leave feeling a lot more knowledgeable.

Well, as you’ve now been to 2 or 3 places, the evening is moving along nicely and from here it’s about to properly kick in. There are more and more locals out and many interesting encounters can be had at the area’s bars. With the help of the cheerful, friendly and eccentric bar owners of Yoshidamachi, in the blink of an eye you may suddenly realise you’ve made friends with the bar’s patrons. It’s definitely a good idea to continue bar hopping with your new-found friends or, alternatively, have a relaxing drink by yourself and there are many more bars recommend to suit your mood.

You should visit here at least once to enjoy the beauty of Yoshida to your heart’s content. It would be a real shame to miss experiencing everything the area has to offer before finishing your trip in Japan.